Friday, March 11, 2011

What do you want to be when you grow up?

My 5 year old is sick. Again. I could think of nothing better than giving her fresh sheets on her bed this morning because I know where she’ll be spending most of the day after I ban Disney Junior.

Stripping the bed and what do I find under her pillow? Highlights magazine. This child cracks me up.  Whereas sending a kid to their bedroom is a punishment for most, mine has approximately 100+ books and her magazine collection (she does not allow us to recycle them)  I think we’re a little ways away from calling Hoarders for a “Very Special Episode…” but it just makes me laugh to think about how much she loves to read.  

Last weekend we had friends in town and you would have thought a rock star had entered the building when she discovered Amy is a librarian (Well to be exact, she is the Director of the Digital Information Management Program at the State Library of North Carolina).  I kept thinking my daughter was going to want to go home with them at the end of the weekend.

Wondering if any of my dear readers had an inkling about their future careers at a young age?  Assuming you didn’t dream about sitting behind a desk and developing carpal tunnel syndrome.  (although there was that one girl in my Middle School class who dressed as a “business woman” for Halloween; so maybe she did).

As a kid I plastered my bedroom walls with ads that I ripped out of magazines, purely based on what resonated with me.  Did I know I was destined for a job in advertising and a love of all things-paper?  Maybe…

When she’s feeling better, we’re off to the library.  Happy reading.