Sunday, August 26, 2012

Spotlight Entrepreneur: Shelley Oppedisano of Macaroni Kid

This month I'd like to introduce Shelley Oppedisano of the Fort Mill/Tega Cay, SC branch of Macaroni Kid.  What a treat it was to strike up a conversation with a fellow entrepreneur from my local area. Shelley is a WAHM: A work at home mom. While juggling motherhood, she also co-edits and co-publishes Macaroni Kid.  

For folks that have never heard of Macaroni Kid, what service does it provide for local community?
Macaroni Kid is a hyper-local website and weekly e-newsletter built for moms in the Fort Mill / Tega Cay, SC community.  Our main focus is sharing the best events for kids and families in our area and we run articles on everything from kid crafts to dinner recipes.  We also work closely with local businesses that are of interest to our target audience, coordinating specials and events for our readers.

What are some of your favorite family-friendly activities in the Fort Mill/Tega Cay area? 
We tell moms to check our Facebook page everyday because there is always something fun going on.  For example, Macaroni Kid recently sponsored a “Pinkalicious” tea party at Shug-A-Bug Kids Spa for girls.  The tea party consisted of fingernail painting, “glamour shots”, an etiquette class and catered snacks.  A fun event coming up is the National Costume Swap Event we’re doing with The Bump Maternity Boutique in Fort Mill.  Moms can bring old Halloween costumes during our drop off week and receive a ticket for a “new” gently worn costume.  

A lot of the moms in your network are multi-tasking Mama's. How does Macaroni Kid work with moms who are looking to promote their businesses?
One exciting promotion coming up is our first Macaroni Kid Fort Mill “Independent Consultant” guide. For four weeks (starting mid-September), we are highlighting local moms and their direct sales companies. We want to create awareness to local moms that there ARE options out there that will allow them to work from home. Options that are not scams, and options that will be fun!   Local fundraisers are always our favorite activities to be involved in.  It’s a great way to meet the community, build your brand name and support a great cause.  For example, we are active supporters of Team Saving Savannah and are helping coordinate Savannah’s Spirit Night at BT’s Burger Joint on Wednesday, September 5, 2012.  Come by and check it out- good food for a great cause:

What is the biggest challenge you face as Co-Editor/Co-Publisher?
A lot of businesses and advertisers want access to our audience, but if we go too far in that direction, we lose credibility and lose our voice.  So it can be a challenge balancing our relationship with local businesses with the interests of our audience.  The core of our business is sharing relevant, useful content with moms and families- so we’ve chosen to limit advertising to what’s appropriate, which sometimes means saying no.   

What is your #1 tip for balancing work and family?
Have lots of coffee in stock at your house and always sit down for family dinner! 

Thanks so much to Shelley for taking the time to share the benefits and fun that Macaroni Kid brings to the local community.  To reach Shelley and Macaroni Kid visit their website, become a fan on their Facebook page, or sign up for their Twitter feed.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012