Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Women with Wine on Wednesdays

A good friend of mine, and a small business entrepreneur started an inspirational gathering called Women with Wine on Wednesdays. The goal of the WWW network is to bring an amazing group of women together for the sole purpose of inspiring each other.

The evening looks something like this: a casual, but energetic forum for women to share items that have inspired and/or motivated them personally or professionally, all while enjoying their favorite wines.

The inspiration takes many forms; a quote, a fabulous book they have read, a person, experience or a story. I’m sure the stories get more colorful as more wine is poured.

Are you looking for camaraderie and motivation? How about hosting your own WWW event with your circle of friends or neighbors? May I suggest a fine Chianti?


  1. Eileen, this is FANTASTIC! And your postings are great to read... such a way with words! Much success - K

  2. Thank you Karen! I am so glad to have you reading!