Thursday, April 29, 2010

In Good Company Workplaces

Adelaide Lancaster and Amy Abrams are two smart, talented ladies you want to get to know.  They are the proud founders of In Good Company Workplaces.  If you are a NYC entrepreneur- you need to visit their space, but if you are hundreds of miles away like me, I recommend subscribing to their newsletter chock full of resources, small business news and innovative ideas.
our story

Our years of consulting to many talented and enterprising women helped us to identify several common themes and challenges that affected our client’s success. We frequently met and worked with entrepreneurs who felt isolated as business owners; had difficulty finding affordable office space; lacked a collegial community with whom they could share resources and tricks of the trade; and struggled with where to go when faced with challenges. Not only were these challenges pervasive but they resonated with us strongly as business owners ourselves! We began to wonder if there was a solution that could address these common needs of women business owners. And so the market research and business planning began...
Flash forward 18 months later, and In Good Company WorkPlaces is launched! Finally - an innovative business that is designed with women business owners’ success in mind!
In Good Company’s purpose, practices and policies reflect our core beliefs about women entrepreneurship and their offerings are based in our overall mission to elevate the status of women entrepreneurs, which we do by providing solutions and connections that enhance the success of women-led ventures. In Good Company is also committed to finding ways to collaborate and support other organizations and non-profits who are also promoting the professional development of women and girls. Organizations include: Nest, Step Up Women’s Network, GEMS GIRLS, WIBO, Make A Wish Foundation, and The Vibe Theatre Experience.
A complaint I often hear from my clients is that although they love fulfilling their dream of being a business owner that they miss the collaboration and camaraderie of previous work environments.  The community that Amy and Adelaide have created empowers women business owners to come together to work, meet and learn - all in good company.  Kudos ladies! 

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