Monday, January 24, 2011

No Guts, No Glory

After last nights championship games I was looking for a football analogy to kick off my week but I just kept coming back to “No Guts, No Glory”.  

Life is a series of cause and effect situations. Every decision you make has consequences and puts you on a path towards your next crossroad.  What was the last big decision that you made that shifted your life’s course?  Did it entail taking much risk?

I’m proud to accompany my good friend Jennifer Furr to her next convention this week. We will be featuring PictureThatSound at the Craft &Hobby Association Winter Retail Show in Los Angeles.  (Come see us!)  Jenn is a risk taker. PictureThatSound is not her first venture, but it’s her biggest.  Taking a concept from infancy and bringing the product to life takes heart, soul and certainly takes guts.  Today, I applaud her for being a strong, independent business woman and a risk-taker.

Congratulations Jenn! See you in LA!

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