Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When your business cuts it's first tooth

As entrepreneurs, our businesses are our babies.  The business needs to be nurtured.  Needs to be cared for morning, noon and night.  Sometimes you're even woken at 3am with a spark of genius, nerves about an upcoming presentation, or a client who needs you desperately.

This morning I got a phone call from my husband who had just wrapped up an early morning chiropractor appointment.  The recently hired receptionist was obviously still learning the ropes, but openly reprimanded for a mistake in front of my husband.  Can you say 'Uncomfortable!"?

When business grows large enough to hire your first employee, it's kind of like your baby cutting its first tooth.  There's some redness, soreness, general irritation, but in the end, it's an exciting milestone.  Pediatricians and dentists will tell you to start caring for those teeth immediately.  Be gentle, but ensure to brush that itty-bitty white chicklet twice a day and watch it grow strong and be joined by others.

As a parent and a small business owner, communication and patience are keys to success. Correcting improper behavior immediately is a good rule of thumb, but exercising discretion so as not to embarrass your staff in front of clients is just good tact.


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