Monday, June 25, 2012

Chicks Writing Their Own Checks

A friend recently sent me a job listing that she thought would be right up my alley.  A full-time advertising executive position with a local, prestigious agency.

My heart sank a little.

Was I qualified?  Yes.
Did I want it?  No.

As I've been growing my consulting business over the past few years I have never turned down the opportunity to review a great full-time job posting that has come across my desk.  In the early years, I even applied for a few.  Was this my way of hedging my bets in case this consulting gig didn't pan out? Probably. Was it a smart strategy at the time? Probably.

But for some reason, this time, it just irked me. At this moment, I am living the dream of entrepreneurship.  I am a chick writing her own check.  And I like it.  Actually, I love it.

Sure, a full time job back in Corporate America would afford me some benefits that self-employment doesn't.  But it would also give me a commute...and a boss.  I would also have to give up clients that rely on me for their marketing, business strategy and implementation.  With so many great milestones on the horizon for them, I wouldn't dream about it!

Another duty I'd have to shelve would my monthly writing contributions for such on-line magazines as She's Self Employed.  Not only does this venue give me another way to reach my audience, but I get to tap into that inner author that has set her sights on publishing her own book (someday).

No longer will I be hedging my bets.  I'm all in.

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