Sunday, September 22, 2013

Forward-thinking: Small Business Planning

Fall is here y'all. School is in session, days are getting shorter and the air is crisp. My kids already have a countdown started for Halloween which means I'm busy working on my infamous hand-made costume-creations. I like getting creative, especially on projects that we can do together as a family. And there is nothing like getting started early and having it done with plenty of time to gorge on candy corn throughout the month of October without costume-anxiety.

Fall is also a great time to start thinking about January. JANUARY??!??!!!!  Yep, I said it. September brings 8 months of learning from your year. Ask yourself: What worked really well this year for your business? What marketing efforts produced a positive ROI? Which failures created great learning experiences? 

Review your business plan over a cup of hot apple cider and reflect on your mission statement, long term and short term goals. Are you on track? 

With early preparation you can hit the ground running in 2014- confident and ready to conquer!

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