Friday, January 29, 2010


In NYC a few weeks ago my husband and I enjoyed a rare date-night out at Centrico. We wanted to savor every moment and every bite of our dishes that were so delicious. After a reasonable amount of time, the wait staff tried repeatedly to remove our plates, but we kept begging for a few more bites because it was so scrumptious. After finally allowing the staff to clear and thanking them for being patient with us, the chef sent over two desserts -on the house!

When you think about which businesses you admire- which stores you repeatedly shop at- do these businesses express gratitude to their customers in unexpected but appropriate ways? I bet they do. Gratitude goes a long way. Hats off to you Chef Aarón Sanchez.

If you are in the NYC area, we highly recommend dining at Centrico. Here are some of our favorites!
You can’t go wrong with an appetizer of:
Guacamole and Chips $12

Give the staff a break because the Schlesiers will be here a while:
Birria al Estilo Jalisco $23
braised short ribs jalisco style, ancho chile broth

Homenaje a Mi Familia Enchiladas de Res $11
braised beef cheeks, chile colorado sauce

And our two new favorite desserts:
Tamal Dulce $8
corn tamal filled with mezcal marinated dried fruit, dulce de leche sauce

Molten Mexican Chocolate Cake $8
choco-chile salsa, helado de maíz


  1. The first store that comes to mind for me is Nordstrom. They will do anything for their customers, which makes me a repeat offender! I consistently pleased with their service. LOVE!

  2. Nordstroms is one of my all time fave's! It's so hard to come up with a long list of good companies though- I feel like many of my recent experiences have been bad: USAIR, Wachovia, etc. I am hoping to find some more GOOD examples of how businesses should be run to share some more inspiration!