Monday, June 14, 2010


Our PreK teacher gave us a few summer tips in order to prep our 4.5 year old for reading.  While we've been introduced to Bob Books (great starter books for beginners) and some LeapFrog DVDs, I'm already impressed with what my daughter can already "read".

"Are we going to eat at Grapes?"

"Mama, when we go to the mall, can we park near Star?"

One of our more popular grocery stores down south, or as my daughter likes to call it: "Fish, Bread, Apple"

NASCAR sponsorship helps with recognition on these, combined with seeing them in our neighborhood each and every day:

One of her favorite places to shop:

What brand of car her Nana drives:

When she's really engrossed in a brand, she will also give me a jingle. "Nat what would you like for lunch?" - "$5 footlong... SUBWAY, Eat Fresh!"

Part of me cringes with all this consumerist recognition, but another part of me feels as if the identification of logos and letters will aid in her actual ability to "read". Obviously, with a marketing background, I'd also give a nod to these corporations who have built strong logos that support their brands.  

As long as we're 10+ years off from her recognizing

... I think we should be fine.

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