Thursday, February 10, 2011

Is anybody out there? Exploring the Twitterverse.

Each week I make sure to check out my list of Twitter followers. It’s amazing to see a diverse group of friends, moms, bloggers, business owners, all around funny people, politically conservative marksmen, ….<<<screech>>>.  Did you just hear me skid off the road?

Is this what happens when I unlock the security on @MamaSleeveShirt?  Now, if the President of a seniors group wants to listen to me crack jokes, retweet funnies, or rant about direct mail, then I guess I really shouldn’t judge. But somehow, I think his 13 year old granddaughter set up his Twitter account and started following anyone and everyone in the Twitterverse. 

But @GaylandAnderson isn’t even the most obscure follower I have. 7 out of 7 of @SebastianRITD ‘s tweets have included the word “pizza”.  @MyTrainerBob would not approve.  For that matter, neither would @tom_colicchio  Dude, expand your palette. 

But actually, isn’t that what he’s doing by following me?  Maybe he might just be encouraged to cook by a RT of mine from @fabioviviani   or see that pizza dough exploded in my fridge yesterday which inspired me to tweet:

Remind me not to make pizza tomorrow.

Out I go, to expand my palette, and follow a bunch of crazy new friends.  Join me?

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