Sunday, February 20, 2011

Never say never

10 years ago or so I distinctly remember having a conversation with a fr-enemy co-worker. Her boyfriend at the time had dragged her to a NASCAR race one weekend and she was horrified. Did loving him mean that she had to enjoy this past time?  I remember taking secret pleasure at the thought of Ms Kitten-Heels &Pearls traipsing around a dirty race track surrounded by rednecks wearing tank tops and little else.  I would NEVER find myself at a NASCAR event.

Fast-forward to today.  Not only have I been to a track, but I have been fully indoctrinated into the culture of NASCAR.  My husband was always an enthusiast of antique cars, so when a job opportunity came up marrying his love of cars and his expertise in exhibit management we were on our way to Charlotte without looking back.

I learn something new about racing every time I sit down with my family to watch a race.  What's new with the points system? Why is Kyle Busch running so loose?  Does praying for the little baby Jesus do anything to help the drivers like it does for Ricky Bobby?

My husband has met some fascinating characters through his job- and we even have little old ladies offering to cook him dinner when he stops by to pick up artifacts for the hall.  Junior Johnson's moonshine?  Delicious.

Well its about time to go check in on how my driver is running at Daytona.  Yes, 10 years ago, these are words that I never thought I would utter.  But in life, you can never say never.

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