Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Kate, err… I mean Catherine

There are not many things I would voluntarily set my alarm for these days.  But the Royal Wedding is one of them!

What will Kate, err… I mean Catherine wear?  Will the impending rain give us less opportunity to see her and her dress?  

We don’t know much about how Princess Catherine will spend her days once she settles into married life. What will her platform be? Which charities will she devote time and star power to? 

While William and Kate are bucking many long standing traditions, I can bet the future Queen will not have a career.  At least not a traditional one like us commoners.  She’s a smart cookie; she holds a Masters of Art degree, has held a position as an accessory buyer, and pre-engagement was rumored to be taking classes with famed photographer Mario Testino.  A life behind the camera?  Not much of a chance for that now.

Or is there?  My hope is that the monarchy will be open to Flexible Work Arrangements.  Let's hope that while traveling the world on her honeymoon, Kate doesn’t forget to pack her camera.  


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