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Spotlight Entrepreneur: Lydia Andrews, Holistic Health Coach

When Facebook launched in 2004, not even Mark Zuckerberg could have predicted that it would have 1 million active users by its first year.  This social media powerhouse has connected friends, family, coworkers and like minded individuals to grow to a community of over 500 million active users (as of July 2010).  When I reconnected with a high school pal via FB, little did I know that he would introduce me to such a dynamic, inspirational entrepreneur like Lydia Andrews. Thank you Brian Lam for connecting SleeveShirt Consulting with Being Well + Living Healthy!  

What is a health coach?  A health coach is a personal advocate for living a healthy life, in mind body and spirit. Health coaches offer guidance and support for individuals who are working to achieve their health and lifestyle goals.  As a health coach I work with my clients one on one to discover the food and lifestyle choices that best suit their situations.  I like to say that health coaches are 'cheerleaders' for our clients because we encourage and cheer on people to really strive for their best life.

Why is it important to take a holistic approach to health?  It's important to take a holistic approach to your health because in our society today, we are over-medicating ourselves.  And, I feel that we often are so quick to reach for a pill instead of focusing on our bodies and why they may be in pain.  Holistic health care looks at not only your body but your overall lifestyle to find a solution to a physical problem you may be experiencing.  By no means am I saying we should never take medications because there are instances where it is needed, but we also need to be mindful of what stresses we may have in our life...we need to look at our lives on a whole.

What is the most common health complaint from your clients?  One of the most common health complaint is lack of energy.  And, the lack of energy can be caused by a number of things like weight gain, lack of exercise, not drinking enough water.

What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneur?  I enjoy the fact that I am in control of what my day will be and how much time I spend on any given task.  It gives you a feeling of great freedom when you know that you can say work 4 hours one day, have lunch/dinner with friends or tend to other important things in your life and on another day work 8 hours.  To have that kind of flexibility is definitely less taxing on your mind and body.

Owning your own business can be difficult.  How do you stay motivated?  I stay motivated by remembering my reason for doing what I do and why I wanted to own my own business.  That always gives me the exact motivation I need when I run into challenges from day to day.

What is your advice for females who are thinking about starting their own business?  My advice is to first make sure your business is something you LOVE to do.  When you love what you do, it never feels like work!  Second, create a business plan so that you have a structured outline of what your business will be and that you will always be clear about your direction.  Third, ask for help!  You cannot do it alone.  Lastly, make sure you stay on top of your game by always researching the latest trends in your industry or line of business.  Keeps you in the loop of what's new and good.

How can readers get in touch with you if they are interested in a health coaching consultation?  I can be reached by email:  I encourage everyone to schedule a consultation so they can really get a sense of what it would be like to work with me in a health session.

Thank you so much Lydia for participating in our very first Spotlight Entrepreneur. Please follow her on facebook and twitter for tips and tricks to living life as your healthiest you!  

Lydia Andrews
Holistic Health Coach
Certified Meditation Teacher

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