Monday, July 11, 2011

Spotlight Entrepreneur: Nadia Gray, Boxing4Fitness

Hoping that all of my US readers enjoyed their 4th of July.  This year was a special one for us. We enjoyed some travel to witness our friends get married, then we continued the celebration when we arrived home to honor my son's first birthday.  Everything about our boy was worth waiting for and we can't believe he's 1.  In the month of July SleeveShirt Consulting looks outside of the US to celebrate a woman entrepreneur that I've come to know and be inspired by.  We hope you enjoy meeting Nadia Gray, the owner and founder of Boxing4Fitness!

Tell us a little about how Boxing4Fitness was born. After having my daughter 3 years ago I decided it was time to get back into the fitness industry but wasn't totally sure in what direction I was going to go. I started to get a lot of feedback from people saying how much they love the 'boxing' part of their personal training sessions, they felt they wished it were included for longer during the sessions. I too love boxing so went off to get further qualifications to teach adults and children boxing techniques for fitness.

What are the main goals your clients have when joining Boxing for Fitness?
My clients are looking to lose weight, gain strength and to feel good about themselves.

How is Boxing different and/or better than other cardio programs? I don't overload my sessions with the whole 'mixed bag'. Instead of doing bits of cardio, weight training, pilates, yoga, or running etc Boxing 4 fitness is directed 90% of the time on glove technique and pad/bag work. Sprints of cardio circuits are added to help improve fitness and strength. Anyone can do it regardless of age, weight or fitness level.

What do you enjoy most about being an entrepreneurThe excitement of watching my idea grow from the ground up and having people embrace it with open arms. I love being able to connect with others and always looking for ways to improve and cater to the needs of the client/community. Every day is always different and serves up its challenges whilst being so rewarding.

How do you stay motivated? I absolutely love it when I see my clients achieving what they thought was impossible. To see them go from strength to strength in such a short time, gives me such buzz. Knowing that I am helping them in such a positive and empowering way is what keeps me motivated and wanting to do more. 

What is your advice for females who are thinking about starting their own business? Always ask other business owners for advice or support and learn from the ones that have paved the path before you. Never be afraid to ask for help and don't expect that everything has to be handled by you. So many people/resources are out there to help you along the way to make life easier. Also never give up, keep moving forward one step at a time.  Join a social network, blog, forums anything else to get your name out which will help you to make some great contacts.

To get in touch with Nadia Gray, or to learn more about Boxing4Fitness, please visit, email her at or Fan her on Facebook:

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