Monday, June 27, 2011

On the Sunny Side of Life

A friend recently commented that I have such a positive outlook on life, and asked me where it comes from?  I've never considered myself to be overly optimistic. Although I believe that what you send out into the world comes back to you in one way, shape or form, I also have a cynical and sometimes negative side.

Self-doubt can put you in that dark place from time to time, and I believe it's okay to go there, as long as you make it a short stay.  Bring a nightlight.  Or at least your smart-phone, because when the Negative-Police allow you one phone call, you're gonna need to reach out for a life-line.

How do you lift yourself out of a funk? Meditation? Journaling about your stressful situation?  A brisk walk to shake off the bad ju-ju's?  What about heading to your local florist and setting a bouquet on your desk so you have some fresh, fragrant inspiration?

When I'm in a funk I know that I have three to four go-to people that I can call to bail me out.  A quick laugh, some levity and a reminder that I'm so lucky for what I have and before I know it, I'm being released on good behavior.  Whatever you choose to do to alleviate the negativity, remember to keep working at it until you see the sunny side of life.

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