Sunday, March 18, 2012

Censorship: A personal consideration

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Censorship Worldwide is one of the world's largest personal censorship providers with more than 100 million employees globally. We offer individual consumers a broad suite of censorship products and services across various social media sites to ensure that reputations are preserved.

Social Media Censor: Positions available globally
Envision your career with one of the world's largest personal censorship companies. With over 845 million active Facebook users and 500 million Twitter users across seven continents you'll discover the rewards of working in a fast-paced environment saving young careers one bleep at a time. Censorship Worldwide continues to expand based on careless posts and tweets following doctor visits, fraternity parties, bad break-ups, and such holidays as St. Patrick’s Day and New Years Eve. While you may know our products: Don’t Tweet, Just Bleep; Spacebook: Where You Wish Your Bad Facebook Posts Had Actually Gone; and HIPAA: A Guide to Your Own Health Care Privacy; we are rapidly expanding our product offerings.
As one of FORTUNE Magazine's Most Admired Companies, Censorship Worldwide is one family, one team of professionals who actively strive to provide our customers with career-saving censorship.  A promise to be responsive to stupidity, to be respectful to every mom in the world and to preserve reputations across the globe. 
Job functions include but are not limited to: 
   Ongoing, daily monitoring and bleeping of inappropriate material before they go live
   Develop, write and compile a library of imagery that can be quickly swapped out for bleep-worthy content
   Research, read and educate on various social platforms, channels and new initiatives in social media related industries

Technical Skills:
  •   Technological understanding of Internet, WWW, and social media sites, etc.
  •  Common sense
  • Ability to project how inappropriate content will affect career aspirations 1, 5, and 10+ years down the line
  •  Illustrator and Photoshop

Come and join our Censorship Family and discover the rewards for your career and for the careers of every social media user in the world. 


  1. Thanks Sam! We are now accepting applications... lol

  2. Hehe. That job sounds fun! Do I send my resume via Spacebook? :P

    Matter, Don't Mind

  3. Yes Rachel- all applications should filter through Spacebook. lol Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  4. We are filling spots right now! Thanks for stopping by the Long and Short of It.