Monday, March 19, 2012

HSN Series: 3...2...1 and you're LIVE

In reflecting on my recent trip to Tampa with Jenn Furr of PictureThatSound I thought I would provide some insights to the world of live television.  Jenn was a radio DJ back in the day, so she knows something of cues, dead-air (you NEVER want that) and of getting into character as your on-air personality.

As you read in one of my previous HSN posts, my biggest fear if I were ever put in front of a camera would be to freeze up like Cindy Brady in an episode of the Brady Bunch.  It would be easy to do. You're in unfamiliar territory, you have 3 or more camera's on you at any given time, you are wired with a mic pack and an ear piece where you can hear the director giving cues, and all the while you need to be on-point with your messaging.

Our first air time was 2:30am. So while many of you, dear readers, were packing it in for the night, we were headed to the studio to begin our night. We set up our product tables so that it would be visually appealing and allow for a good flow of conversation, sent Jenn off to be beautified by the hair and makeup team and ensured we were ready to live-tweet from the green room.  It's a 24hour a day operation at HSN. So while we were pulling an all-nighter, this is old hat for the likes of Production Assistants, Lighting Crew, Directors and Camera operators.

There were home shopping veterans amongst us- crafters who have been in the business and promoting products live for YEARS.  Very proudly we sent Jenn off to set in "the zone" where she met up with HSN host Suzanne Runyan.  When she's not on-air hosting, Suzanne is a world-traveler and an avid scrapbooker. She loved PictureThatSound from the moment she discovered it and suggested we play as many samples as we could during the segment to showcase how versatile the product is for so many different occasions, recipients and applications.  Suzanne even suggested that a crafter could paint the PictureThatSound card with chalkboard paint and family members could leave messages (audio and chalked) to each other back and forth. Such a great application idea!

After a hugely successful 230am hour (wow, a lot of crafters shop in the wee hours of the morning!) we relaxed in the green room until our next segment in the 8am hour.  I honestly cannot remember the last time I was awake for 30 hours straight.  More than a few times I daydreamed about the thrilling experience of laying my head down back at the hotel.  The funny part? When we finally retired back at the hotel, I was pumped. The adrenaline was flowing and it was hard to calm down.  I can only imagine how it was for Jenn who was actually the one on-air!

I hope you were able to see the segments live, but if not here is a link to the product page on where you can click on "VIDEO" beneath the product pictures.  We still have some quantity left at this fantastic price for a package of 3. Snatch it up while they last!


  1. I LOVE this. A great account of a long but exciting night.