Monday, November 16, 2009

A view from the passenger side window

Asking for help. Not one of my fortes. In the 7th grade I recall spewing a feminist rant to Mr. Jones the teaching assistant. In his lesson he made some asinine implication that boys do things better than girls. I think he was just trying to engage the females who were otherwise bored in the class. In my case, it worked. But, to my detriment?

In my 30s I’m now trying to back off the “I can do everything myself and better than a man” mantra. Although I hate being a passenger, I pass the keys along to my husband on our weekend outings. I’ve also come to realize that although I had hoped to manage the accounting and taxes for my business on my own, that I may need to consult with a CPA and/or tax specialist.

Relinquishing control can be empowering when you realize your skill set is beneath the task at hand. After all, if you spend a few dollars paying an expert to do something really well, doesn’t it give you more time to focus on what’s important?

Enjoy the view from here.

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