Thursday, February 25, 2010

Necessities for my bedside

This week I’ve been struggling to inspire myself to blog. Some weeks, when the mood strikes, I could sit and write at my computer all afternoon. Other weeks I stare at my potential blog topic-list and just can’t find inspiration to expand on those ideas.

How do you find inspiration?

Usually for me it’s when my mind is quiet. As a kid, embarrassingly enough, my bright ideas came to me… in the bathroom. Bizarre, right? With a 4 year old and a nosey dog, the bathroom is not the serene getaway that it used to be for me. These days, my mind settles and brilliance strikes when I’m either a) shampooing my hair or b) about to drift off to sleep.

Last night after a marathon of catching up on DVR’ed shows, in the still of almost drifting off to la-la land, I started to write my next blog entry. I even thought to myself, HA! I don’t even need to write this down, because I KNOW I’ll remember it when I wake up tomorrow morning.

Not quite.

Where do you do your best thinking? On a long drive? In the bathtub? While working out? Wherever it is that you find inspiration, ensure that you have the ability to capture it. I sure wish I did last night!

Although I already have a pad of paper on my bedside table, I’m headed upstairs to place the all mighty pen on top of it. Heck, maybe I’ll bring two- just in case.

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