Monday, March 1, 2010

Help for the technologically challenged

I’m working at my kitchen island today. I get much better light in here than I do in my home office (we’re working on that though… electrician’s numbers have been procured). From the kitchen I can hear the happy hum of my copier: Makin’ copies.

My issue? I have no idea how to scan or fax from the machine. I specifically purchased this model because it can do all these things: Fax, Print, Copy, Scan. I think it can even file my taxes (wouldn’t that be nice?)

Instead of opening the manual I’ve been patiently waiting for my husband to teach me. I’m not a complete techno-idiot. After a few lessons I was able to juggle the three remotes we have for the TV/DVD/Stereo. Just don’t ask me how to turn on the Wii or hook up our web cam. (Sorry Gma and PopPop, you’ll only see us when Kevin is home to Skype!)

Why do I refuse to read the manual? I don’t usually give up easily on things. If I were single I most certainly wouldn’t be spending $10 at FedEx/Kinkos every time I needed to fax a document.

I guess it has to do with defining roles within a relationship. I iron. He mows. I wash the clothes, he washes the car. It’s good when you have a partner who you can share responsibility with- I just don’t want to be one of those women who wakes up one day and has no idea how to balance the check book. I was after all, the one who taught my husband how to perform this function when we met in college. But, I gave up that household responsibility 10 years ago.

I’m gonna go stare down the machine for a few minutes this afternoon. I’ll let you know who comes out on top.

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