Tuesday, February 28, 2012

HSN series: Don't be Cindy Brady

I am such a television junky.  When I heard that my colleague Jenn Furr would be live on the Home Shopping Network all I could think of was Cindy Brady.  Do you remember the episode where the family goes on a game show and Cindy glares into the red light of the camera like a deer in headlights as soon as they go live?  If it were me today, I am sure I would look just like this:

When the red light is on, you’re on the air. Not only do you have to remember talking points about the features and benefits of your product, but you have to concentrate while in your ear piece you are hearing the director give cues about which camera to look at and if the shot is wide or tight. Through all of this chaos you also have to remember to SMILE.

It's something Cindy failed to do, but today Jenn Furr knocked it out of the park! Her messaging was succinct, she interacted with her host all while sharing the features and benefits of Picture That Sound.  And she did all of that while SMILING!

If you missed her debut, check out the exclusive products that PictureThatSound offered to the HSN customers.

I'll be with Jenn in Tampa March 6th when we have 3 more on-air HSN segments.  Thankfully, I'll be in the green room with that silly Cindy Brady expression on my face.



  1. I absolutely LOVE your blog! Hilarious. And, aren't you too young remember the Brady Bunch?

  2. Too Young??? I know every single Brady Bunch episode. Feel free to quiz me. (Thanks for the compliment though)