Saturday, February 25, 2012

Off to SleeveShirt's annex

5 days a week I work from my home-office.  I've designed it to be fun and functional- a place that I really enjoy being in while I do write, perform research, or construct business plans for clients.  On the weekends however, separating work from family-fun becomes a little more difficult since my office is on the first floor of our home and since it does not have a door.

After a good morning walk with our new puppy, breakfast with my favorite little people and after sharing a few cups of coffee with my love, I head to our community library.

They've come to expect my presence as the doors open at 9am. The librarian even have the key for Study Room A ready and waiting. I have my own private "office".  If you thought the library was quiet- imagine when you're in a small room tucked in the back of one. Complete silence!

Headed out to SleeveShirt's annex again today- wish me a productive day!  If I struggle for inspiration, you may just find me engrossed in a good book.


  1. I love this. I find myself in the library frequently

  2. It's like my home-office-away-from-home. Just wish I could eat and drink. What I wouldn't give for a nice hot cup of tea right now...