Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Presenting: The Greatest Show on Earth!!

She's fearless, she's empowered- heck, she can juggle wearing a suit while doing yoga poses!

Do you sometimes feel like you are performing in a 3 ring circus? Many working-women do. And if you're an entrepreneur, you may be juggling employees, balance sheets and marketing on top of your other daily commitments.

Here are three short tips to keep you poised with all those balls in the air:
1- Accountability and Planning.  Recently I wrote an entire article on this topic.  It's important to create milestones but it's even more important to be held accountable to reaching them.  If you are someone who has trouble attaining goals, maybe an A&P partnership is right for you.  The commitment is small, but the reward of following through is priceless.  I meet with my A&P partner every month and I'm so proud of how much we have each accomplished.

2- Time Management.  There's no way around it. You have to be disciplined when it comes to your time. As much as I love a thrilling game of Words with Friends, I know that when it's time to work that I have to close down my Facebook to limit my distraction.  Time is money.  Your time is your money.  Make every minute count.

3- Establish a Support System.  Most moms have a reliable babysitting on speed dial.  You might ring that  sitter when you're planning ahead for date night or in a pinch during an emergency.  Your business needs a life-line as well.  Do you have a reliable network of specialists who are there to help your business meet deadlines and grow efficiently?  Are you utilizing LinkedIn to keep up with former colleagues, mentors and associates?  Ensure they know what you are up to in your professional life so that they are only a phone call away should you need them.

Keeping those balls from hitting the ground takes planning, organization and focus.  A few extra hands can't hurt either... so don't hesitate to reach out to SleeveShirt Consulting.  We'd love to run away and join your circus.


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